Tinytusk's Humble Stories of Grand Adventure, some Fame and a bit of Glory

King of the World and the Universe!

Hear ye! All poor travelers who have not yet learned of the great deeds of His Paternal Majesty, Emperor of the four corners of the Universe, Defender of the Realm, Builder of Temples, Magnanimous Provider of the Poor, Widows and Orphans, Lord Treasurer, Patron of the Arts, Höch Jägermëister of the Ümlaut Forests, Founder of the Universities, Doctor Honoris Causa in Omnialogogy granted by each and every one of such Noble Academic Institutions, High Lord of the Highest Court, Lord Protector of the Three Houses of Parliament, Marshal of the Empire, High Admiral, Great Lord of the Skies, Sovereign of the Stars, Great King of the Milky Way, Lord of the Isles, and so on and so forth…

For this is the way, our true hero, Tinytusks ordered us to remember him. Now, these are his…


  1. How to get carried away
  2. Some tough days, I'm afraid
  3. The Secret of the Green Goblins
  4. Sir Tinytusks!
  5. Back to Adventure
  6. Dancing orcs
  7. The Long Summer
  8. Mess, oh messy Mess!