I bless the light of the new dawn

I am developing the habit of opening new projects with that sentence. Let it call it my ritual, my little deviation from the standard “Hello World”. I believe it works very well for that, it speaks of new beginnings and fresh possibilities, and it allows me to meditate on my new endevour.

And what's this little web about? Let's say it's mostly a hand made blog, minimalist and intentionally as far away from the BIG BAD WEB as possible, within the web. I'm taking inspiration from Gemini and Gopher, the protocols; I'll tell you soon about those. See, I'm not using google fonts, my css is just enough to make my web readable but still giving it a hint of personality, my html is limited to a few structural and semantic tags: html, head, body, header, main, h1, h2, p, a, and footer. These are enough for what I intend to do. I'll refrain to include images or other files but html just for the sake of including them. I'm paying no tax to SEO and I won't worship our Web Overlords. These are my constrains and, at the same time my freedoms.

Beyond that, this is my nice little blog and I bless the light of the new day.